Tuesday, December 30, 2008

doodles on our paper towel

& i continue to be oblivious when I know about everything thats going on. But I love, to no end and this keeps me from letting go and giving up.
The silence btwn the two of us, makes me think of the silence we shared our first night.
The conversation on that paper towel[which i still have] that made me fall for you.
and the words 'iloveyou' which meant so much then, but so little now.
Hearts are meant to be broken so the right person can come along, pick them up and start putting it back together.
-not so much meant to be broken ; and swept away into a dustpan.
Wanting you but deserving someone better.
Still caring about you but knowing someone could make me feel happier.
Sad becuz I love you far more than you love me;
in the end I just want to be happy.

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