Monday, January 19, 2009

My Purpose

person 1: 'so have you found your purpose of being yet?'

person 2: 'actually I have, & I've came to realize that my purpose is to find out what exactly the purpose of being is'

person 1: 'wow..., thats deep.'

so you walk around, zombie like; in a dead/reality like body, because your reality is really actually when yhur asleep. && you search vigorously for some type of answer to why things are happenin' to you, the way they are. Why your life is screwed or why you find yhurself in fucked up situations. So you embark on a self-discovery, soul searching journey for answers. But theres no one or nothing that can answer those simple questions becuz these simple answers lie within you. and only you know that no one ever really finds their purpose of being, even when you think you have, you know you havent.

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